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Our Background

How We Got Here

Yoga is everything and everything is Yoga.

Yoga is not a religion but it is a union of your inner self to your own identity. It heals your body, mind and soul.

With past few years we all have admitted that in today's world, the status symbol has completely changed its identity. Now it is not about having a big mansion, big car or expensive wardrobe, but it is about having a fit & healthy body along with a blissful happy state of mind.

With keeping our focus on the same, we have initiated a mission YOGDHENU where we are encouraging people to adopt YOG in their daily life and have a healthy, energetic and bliss state of body, mind and soul.

Our mission is to put an effort for Developing Healthy, Efficient & Nourished Universe as whole with YOG i.e YOGDHENU

Chetna Patwal

Founder of YOGDHENU

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